Lower Minimum Brightness Level on Android Phones [Root]

This article will let Android users lower the minimum brightness level of their device’s screen. Numerous users often discuss the upper limit of brightness on a device’s display but we think, the lower limit is equally as important. Consider a scenario where you are laying back in your bed, there is almost zero light and when you power on your smartphone to see notifications or time, you are immediately shocked by the utter brightness of your smartphone. Despite causing eye strain, this is quite damaging to your sleep cycle as well. Gladly enough, you can tone down the display brightness even further with this guide to make it easier to use in situations where there is no ambient light.

Set by the OEM, there is a minimum brightness level your device can go to. In this guide, we will be changing that level to a lower state so you can safely use your smartphone in weakly lit environments. Before we begin, do note, this wont effect the maximum level of brightness and you will still be able to use the brightness slider on your phone to change display brightness on the fly.

Lower Minimum Brightness Level on Android Phones [Root] 1

To change system values, we will be requiring root so make sure your phone is rooted. Further, the app that will automate this process relies on Android 8.0 Oreo or above so make sure your device qualifies.

Lower Minimum Brightness on Rooted Android Phone

The app developed by Arbusk disables the built-in limit and makes your display more dimmer. Follow the ahead listed steps to lower minimum brightness on your Android device.

Step 1 – Make sure that your device is rooted and should be running at least Android Oreo 8.0.

Step 2 – Now Download Brightness Tweak app from the link below and install it. Make sure that Unknown Source is enabled. [Read: How to Enable Unknown Source in Android]

Download: Brightness Tweak APK

Step 3 – After installation, launch the app from the app drawer and complete the setup guide then tap on OK button.

Step 4 – On the main page, you can now set the brightness by dragging the slider from 1 to 5.

Lower Minimum Brightness Level on Android Phones [Root] 6

Step 5 – Set the brightness level to the lowest by selecting the Number 1.

That’s it! You should now have a much lower brightness limit on your Android device. A limitation for this method is, once you power on the display, the brightness set within the app takes 1 second to apply.

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