Increase Headphone Volume on OnePlus 6

Here are instructions that detail how to increase headphone volume on OnePlus 6. If you have noticed that the sound being output through the headphone jack by your OnePlus 6 is on the lower side then its not just you or your device. Rather, a lot of users have complained of this issue. We assume OnePlus has integrated lower output volume levels to protect hearing. However, there is still room for increment which users can safely add to better enjoy audio coming from OnePlus 6’s headphone jack. To increase headphone volume on OnePlus 6, read right ahead.

To increase headphone volume, we will modify the original output volume level set within the stock OS. How? We have the complete step-by-step guide ahead. Further, as this procedure relies on modifying system values, it is essential that your OnePlus 6 is rooted. Keep reading to find a detailed tutorial on how to increase headphone volume on OnePlus 6.

Increase Headphone Volume on OnePlus 6

Increase Headphone Volume Over Max Limit on OnePlus 6

Following are the steps you can implement to have higher headphone volume on OnePlus 6. It is advised you go through the guide at-least once before actually executing it so you have a better understanding.

Step 1 – Install Solid File Explorer which supports root browsing and is free.

Step 2 – Navigate to the root of your phone’s storage within the Solid File Explorer app. From there, follow this sequence of folders vendor -> etc.

Step 3 – Within the etc folder, select the mixer_paths_tavil.xml file.

Step 4 – Once you open the XML file, there should be a lot of text. Run a search for <path name=”headphones”>. Now, this would be the header. Beneath this, you should find two entries: RX1 Mix Digital Volume and RX2 Mix Digital Volume.

Step 5 – Change the values infront of each of the two previously mentioned entries. As standard both values are at 80. You should change both of them to 90.

Step 6 – Reboot your device!

After your OnePlus 6 powers up, it should now be outputting a higher volume through its headphone jack. If this volume level isn’t still enough, you can go ahead and increase the values even further but be sure to do it in small increments of or 10.

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