Update Touchscreen Firmware On Samsung Galaxy Devices

This guide explains how you can update touchscreen firmware on Samsung Galaxy devices. It’s unfortunately quite common for most Android phones and tablets that their touchscreen becomes unresponsive or has some sort of delay. Often a times, this relates to some software problem which can be fixed. One thing you should try if you are experiencing these problems is, try to update touchscreen firmware. Most brands have this proprietary touchscreen driver which gets integrated into the Android OS. As for Samsung users, all Galaxy devices ship with a touchscreen firmware — which can be updated with the guide ahead.

Super AMOLED display is definitely one of the best technologies available on smartphones. Samsung not only uses this technology in flagships but also on their low end devices as well. However, a crucial part of any modern smartphone’s display is the touchscreen. Delayed feedback, no touch response or even incorrect touches are some problems that occur on these touchscreens. To address these problems, we suggest you update your touchscreen firmware on your Galaxy device with the simple steps explained ahead.

Update Touchscreen Firmware

There are many reasons that might relate to unresponsiveness touchscreen of your Samsung device, some might relate to a bad app, but majority of the time it is due to bad touchscreen firmware. To make sure that this issue is fixed, we have written a complete guide on how to upgrade the touchscreen firmware.

How to Update Touchscreen Firmware (Samsung Galaxy):

Follow the step-by-step procedure given ahead and upgrade your Galaxy phone’s touchscreen firmware.

Step 1 – First, open the Phone app on your phone and select the Dialer.

Step 2 – Now you have to enter a secret code in your dialer. Dial the following *#2336# in your dialer.

Step 3 – The new screen will open with two option saying Upgrade the TSP firmware and also to refresh the WiFi version.

Step 4 – From the given options, select Upgrade TSP firmware and tap on upgrade.

Step 5 – It will now upgrade the touchscreen firmware. After the upgrade is done, restart your phone and then check the touchscreen.

Great! You have now upgraded the touchscreen firmware. If you are still having problem regarding touchscreen, you can try, the solutions of the Galaxy FE Touchscreen to solve your issue. Drop a comment if you have questions.

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