Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera App on Honor 9 Lite and Kirin 659 Devices

If you own a Honor 9 Lite or any other phone with Kirin 659 chipset, you can use this guide to install Huawei P20 Pro Camera app on it. Arguably, P20 Pro has the best camera on the market right now. Part of this success is due to the amazing hardware and partly due to the software — camera app — it uses. Fortunately enough, Honor 9 Lite users can easily replicate the software side of P20 Pro’s camera setup through this guide. Darkest-Dark, developer behind this mod, has successfully ported most of P20 Camera app’s functionality. Once installed, you will be able to use various extra camera modes that are specific to P20 Pro only and much more.

On top of the extra modes that P20 Pro ships with, once you install this on your device, this mod will yield better pictures overall when compared with the stock camera app. Technically speaking, this is only possible as the mod adds in extra libraries which are otherwise missing. Lastly, P20 Camera app mod is shipped as a Magisk Module which can be installed with the steps ahead. This also means users would need to make sure they have Magisk and Magisk Manager running.

P20 Pro Camera app for Honor 9 Lite, Kirin 659

Huawei P20 Pro Camera App Port – Details

Here are the detailed modes that have been ported successfully to Honor 9 Lite and other Kirin 659 devices. The list is quite vast and carries all the important functionality such as Portrait and Aperture mode

  • Aperture
  • Portrait
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Pro Mode
  • Night Shot
  • Light Painting
  • HDR
  • Panorama
  • Time-lapse
  • Good food
  • Document scan
  • Filter
  • Watermark
  • QR-Code-Scanner

How to Install P20 Pro Camera App with Magisk Manager

Before we begin, it is essential that you have rooted your Honor 9 with Magisk and have Magisk Manager installed!

Ahead are detailed steps along with screenshots on how install P20 Camera app using Magisk Manager.

Step 1 – Download P20 Camera app package to your device.


Step 2 – Open the Magisk Manager app on your device.

Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera App on Honor 9 Lite and Kirin 659 Devices 1

Step 3 – Click on the three lines on the top left of your display.

Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera App on Honor 9 Lite and Kirin 659 Devices 2

Step 4 – From the options, select “Modules“.

Step 5 – Now, tap on the add button on the bottom of the display.

Install Huawei P20 Pro Camera App on Honor 9 Lite and Kirin 659 Devices 3

Step 6 – A file browser would now open. Select the module you want to install.

Step 7 – Once selected, tap on flash option.

Step 8 – The Magisk Manager app should display a certain command line display. After it finishes, press on Reboot.

That’s all to it! You can now open your stock camera app to find all the P20 Pro modes and features. If you are interested in finding more about the Huawei P20 Pro itself, read our detailed review.

Ran into issues? Reach us through the comments section ahead!

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