How to Enable Stereo Audio on OnePlus 6

Here is a clever mod that OnePlus 6 users can install to enable stereo audio / dual speakers on their smartphone. Apart from being a competitively priced smartphone, OnePlus 6 also has the advantage of a strong developer and enthusiast community behind it. This is also evident from the fact that the phone has only been around for a couple of months and yet there is this unique mod available that allows the front earpiece to output audio at a greater volume therefore yielding a stereo setup. For content consumption, single main speaker on the OnePlus 6 seems quite weak therefore, this Stereo Audio mod should vastly improve the overall experience.

To have Stereo speaker functionality, all you need to do is install the ahead linked Magisk Module. As it relies on root, and more specifically, Magisk, make sure you have rooted your OnePlus 6. If not, you can read our dedicated guide on how to root OnePlus 6 through Magisk. Once made sure, follow the detailed steps ahead to have Dual Speakers / Stereo Audio on your OnePlus 6.

Enable Stereo Aduio / Speakers on OnePlus 6

Install Stereo Audio Mod through Magisk Manager

Discussed previously, do make sure your OnePlus 6 is rooted through Magisk before implementing the steps below.

Ahead are detailed steps along with screenshots on how install Stereo Audio using Magisk Manager.

Step 1 – Download Stereo Audio Magisk mod package to your device. NOTE: There are two variants of the mod, one has a reduced volume gain which should protect your front earpiece from malfunction on extreme audio levels, while the other has higher volume.

Download: or

Step 2 – Open the Magisk Manager app on your device.

How to Enable Stereo Audio on OnePlus 6 1

Step 3 – Click on the three lines on the top left of your display.

How to Enable Stereo Audio on OnePlus 6 2

Step 4 – From the options, select “Modules“.

Step 5 – Now, tap on the add button on the bottom of the display.

How to Enable Stereo Audio on OnePlus 6 3

Step 6 – A file browser would now open. Select the module you want to install.

Step 7 – Once selected, tap on flash option.

Step 8 – The Magisk Manager app should display a certain command line display. After it finishes, press on Reboot.

That’s all to it! Reboot your phone and enjoy dual speakers functionality. You can play a YouTube video to test out Stereo Audio on OnePlus 6. Be sure to leave your feedback on this mod in the comments ahead.

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