Install Good Lock on Any Samsung Galaxy Phone on Android Oreo

With UI being a key feature, Samsung originally experimented with an app called Good Lock that allowed users to customize parts of its TouchWiz UI, couple of years back. Instantly, among enthusiasts, Good Lock became a big success. However, after initial launch during Marshmallow days, Samsung dropped support for it, for reasons unknown. Fortunately however, the brand is back experimenting with it again. This time around, Good Lock has been equipped to support latest Samsung Experience UI along with Android Oreo. As with all initial software roll-outs, Good Lock is currently restricted to select regions. However, with the guide ahead, you can install Good Lock on your Galaxy phone despite which region you are in.

Customization has been the number one offering for Android. Good Lock builds on that exact concept, it offers users options to choose which sort of UI elements they want throughout the system. There are few core functionalities which Good Lock offers such as options to change system UI colors, choose transition types and even setup routines similar to ones found through IFTT app. Read ahead on how to have latest Good Lock running on your Galaxy smartphone running Android Oreo.

Install Good Lock on Galaxy Smartphones

How to Install Good Lock on any Samsung Galaxy Phone running Android Oreo

As mentioned before, even though the app has been made official, only select regions are able to install it. Use the below mentioned steps to have it running on your smartphone regardless of the region.

Step 1 – Individually download the Core apps for Good Lock on your smartphone from the list below. These are all APK files, if you are having troubles installing them, read: How to Manually Install Apps using APK files.

Step 2 – Now, you need to have Activity Manager app installed on your device. It is available as a Free app from the Play Store.

Download: Activity Manager from Play Store

Install Good Lock on Any Samsung Galaxy Phone on Android Oreo 1

Step 3 – Open the Activity Manager app. It should take some time for all your device’s activities to load. After that finishes, run a search for Task Changer / Lock Star / Quick Star / Routines. These are all core apps and need to be individually catered to.

Install Good Lock on Any Samsung Galaxy Phone on Android Oreo 2

Step 4 – Against the Task Changer / Lock Star / Quick Star / Routines Settings listing, there should be a three-dot context menu which you need to click and then click on Create Shortcut.

Step 5 – Repeat from Step 3 until you have all apps done.

That’s all to it! Your phone should now have shortcuts on the home-screen for Good Lock core apps. Use each app to modify different parts of the UI. Reach us through the comments with your experience with this revamped Good Lock app.

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