Download Android Messages Desktop Client to Send Texts from Computer

Google recently updated and overhauled its Android Messages app. One of the new features added included support for a browser client that can be used to send texts directly from a computer. However, there is a new third-party program that has been developed which you can install to directly use this feature on your computer. As stock, Android messages requires a web browser to be able to interact with your smartphone. With this Android Messages Desktop Client, there is no need for that. You can read ahead to have Android Messages Desktop client downloaded for your computer – Mac OS, Windows and Linux supported.

This Android Messages Desktop Client can easily be compared to what WhatsApp has for PC. Offering a similar UI as on your phone, this tool provides reliable functionality to enable text messages on your computer. Further, it is a work in progress at the moment so do expect more functionality in the near future. Use the links ahead to install Android Messages Desktop Client on your PC.

Android Messages Desktop Client

Why Choose Android Messages Desktop Client?

It is a very logical question as to why you want to make the shift to a third-party app from an official solution. Firstly, Android Messages only officially supports a web browser based tool whereas with this, you don’t need to have a seperate tab open to address messages from your PC.

Moreover, features such as notifications is something which hasn’t been made available on the official solution. All in all, this solution is perfect for users who aren’t keen on opening a web browser just to see their text messages or want the flexibility of a program window for their messages app.

Android Messages Desktop Client – Features & Screenshots:

For a further look at what this tool offers, read below. Do keep in mind, this is an unofficial utility and is not by Google.


The list is quite small but it is to be expected as Android Messages was just updated to support this sort of feature.

  • System notifications when a text comes in
  • Notification badges on macOS
  • Minimize to tray on Windows


Download Android Messages Desktop Client:

Here are direct download links for Android Messages Desktop Client. Download the file corresponding to your OS.

Utilize this tool to better manage your text messages directly on your computer. We have also covered the web-based official utility for Android Messages which you can read here.

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