How to Install Xposed Framework on OnePlus 6 using Magisk

Learn how to install Xposed Framework on OnePlus 6 using Magisk utility. After a lot of waiting and teasing, OnePlus finally released their latest flagship. The brand has never disappointed its customers and it’s same with the new OnePlus 6 as it has met almost all users expectations. OnePlus community is mostly comprised of enthusiasts who are looking to get the best out of their phone. Speaking on the same essentials, here is a guide to install Xposed which is a very popular customization utility for Android.

As OnePlus 6 can be rooted with Magisk, there is a working method that can be used to install Xposed Framework as well. Xposed is the best and the most powerful customization tool available for Android. Before the development of Xposed framework, the only way to experiment with new features was through flashing a complete custom ROM. However, these custom ROMs did not offer reliability and sometimes lacked basic functionality. Thanks to Xposed, modifying has become a whole lot easier than before. Installing Xposed Framework will sure come in handy when adding some major features to your OnePlus 6.

Install Xposed on OnePlus 6, Magisk

With the help of Magisk you will be able to install Xposed on your OnePlus 6. Ahead given steps should be followed carefully and we recommend going through them at least once before actually implementing.

Download Xposed APK file

Click the link below to download Xposed APK file:

File: XposedInstalled_3.1.4.apk
Size: 2.88 MB

How to Install Xposed Framework On OnePlus 6

Here are few assumptions / requirements before you proceed ahead with the steps.


Once all checked, implement these steps:

Step 1 – Install Magisk module on your OnePlus 6 device then open Magisk Manager. If you don’t know how to root OnePus 6 the follow the guide: How to Root OnePlus 6 or are unsure of Magisk Manager, read:

Step 2 – After opening the Magisk Manager go to hamburger menu and select Downloads option.

Step 3 – On Downloads menu tap on search icon and search Xposed where you will get numerous results. Look for Xposed Framework (SDK 27) and download it by tapping on it and select “install”. Having problems? Read our dedicated guide: How to install Modules through Magisk Manager.

Step 4 – After installing the appropriate Xposed framework depending your Android OS tap on Reboot button.

Step 5 – Once the reboot is complete, install the XposedInstaller on OnePlus 6

File: XposedInstalled_3.1.4.apk
Size: 2.88 MB

Step 7 – One the Xopsed installer. It will show a message “framework not installed”. Tap on “Install” button. (Do not select install via recovery)

Step 8 – During the download, an error message will show, ignore it. Go back to Magisk Manager and tap Xposed Magisk Module to activate it. After the reboot, tap on Xposed installer and activate it by sliding the slider to the right side.

Step 9 – Reboot your OnePlus 6 for the one last time to complete the changes.

There you go. You have finally installed Xposed framework on your OnePlus 6. Share your experience dropping a comment below.

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