How to Install Dolby Atmos on OnePlus 6

This is a detailed guide on how to install Dolby Atmos on OnePlus 6. Thanks to developers, the infamous audio technology is finally available for latest OnePlus 6 flagship. You can utilize Dolby Atmos to tweak your smartphone’s audio output for a better, more clear, and high quality sound experience. OnePlus 6 is the brand’s best flagship model yet which offers tons of great features. Its been quite some time since it’s initial launch and since then, the smartphone has been receiving a very good response. To further enhance the feature list and also the user experience, use our guide to install Dolby Atmos on OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 is totally different in terms of design when compared to previous smartphones. This is the first time that OnePlus has used a glass back and also has gone with a notch design. Further, the enthusiast brand has always supported developers and enthusiasts. In return for this support, developers have been quick to release utilities for OnePlus smartphones. One of the great modifications that has recently been made available is Dolby Atmos audio control. This technology makes use of the available two-channel stereo system and enhances it. Ahead, you can have Dolby Atmos installed on your OnePlus 6.

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There are many audio mods like ARISE Sound Mod but Dolby Atmos has been a user favorite for many years. The developer named guitardedhero created this Dolby Atmos Audio Mod for OnePlus 6. To install this mod on your OnePlus 6, we have provided an easy guide with which you will be able to install Dolby Atmos easily.

How to Install Dolby Atmos On OnePlus 6

Before you install this mod, make sure that your OnePlus 6 is rooted. Now all you have to do is to carefully follow the steps given below.


Install Dolby Atmos, OnePlus 6

Install Dolby Atmos:

Step 1 – First thing you have to do is to go to Settings > Sound and disable Audio Tuner.

Step 2 – Download the Dolby Atmos Mod from the given link and copy it to your OnePlus 6.

File size: 7.22MB

Step 3 – Now, reboot your device into TWRP and make a full Nandroid Backup by tapping on ‘Backup’ > Select the necessary partitions > create backup.

Note: This is an extra step that you should do in case your system crashes and you have to factory reset.

Step 4 – Once done making the nandroid backup, go back to the main screen of TWRP and select ‘Install’. Then, select the downloaded file and flash the same.

Step 5 – Now reboot your device to make sure the mod is installed.

This is all you need to do in order to install Dolby Atmos on your OnePlus 6. Share your improved audio experience with us by dropping a comment below.

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