How to Pin Notes, Reminders to Always on Display on Samsung

With these steps, pin notes and reminders to Always On display mode running on Samsung smartphones. The Always On functionality found on recent Samsung smartphones is truly a great feature to utilize. It allows you to see all your essential information such as date & time along with notifications straight on your phone’s display. The benefit here is, the battery doesn’t take a considerable hit as Always On display uses a minimal power state and only powers on few pixels — utilizing Samsung’s AMOLED screen technology. To extend the functionality of Always On Display on your Samsung smartphone, read our instructions ahead.

In AMOLED displays, to represent black colors, pixels don’t turn on. Using this functionality, Always On Display mode powers on a certain few pixels to display information while keeping the rest powered off, allowing for least battery usage. The idea is pretty neat but the functionality is pretty limited. Fortunately enough, you can change that by reading our guide on how to pin notes and reminders directly to your Always On Display.

Pin Notes and Reminders, Always On Display, Samsung

Right ahead, we will be taking you through each step on how to pin notes and reminders for upcoming events directly to the built-in Always on Display mode.

How to Pin a Calendar Reminder on Always on Display

It’s always good to have a calendar reminder shown on your Always On display as it skips the process of opening your phone, unlocking it and then proceeding to view the needed information. In this section, we will explain how to pin a calendar reminder directly to your Always On Display.

Step 1 – You have to launch the Calendar app first from your app drawer. Tap on the specific date on which you wish to set a reminder on or you can tap the + button to add reminder. Enter the details and save the reminder.

Step 2 – The next thing you have to do is to open the reminder that you saved earlier from the reminders list and then press the SHARE button located at the top corner.

Step 3 – Select the TEXT option to share the reminder as shown in the screenshot below

How to Pin Notes, Reminders to Always on Display on Samsung 1

Step 4 – After tapping on share button, the share menu will appear. On share menu, select Always On Display option then it will show you how will the reminder look on Always On display.

How to Pin Notes, Reminders to Always on Display on Samsung 2

Step 5 – That it! Now tap on PIN TO ALWAYS ON DISPLAY to pin the reminder on Always On Display.

How to Pin Notes on Samsung Phones

Pinning a note is quite useful too, you can easily save small pieces of text which you can consult afterwards. Again, saving you the complete process of powering on and unlocking your phone.

Step 1 – Just like the Calendar app, launch the Samsung Notes application from the app drawer.

Step 2 – Enter all the details including the Note’s title and the description then save the note.

Step 3 – After saving the note, you will see share button next to the ant menu (three dot menu). Tap on it. Select the Text Only option.

Step 4 – When you tap on Text only option, the share menu will open where you will find the option of Always On Display. Select the Always On Display option.

Step 5 – Just like before, it will show you how it will look on Always On screen. Tap on PIN TO ALWAYS ON DISPLAY found at he bottom of the screen.

These were complete steps showing you how you can pin information to your Samsung smartphone’s Always On display mode. Be sure to reach us in the comments with feedback.

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