Get iPhone X Style Navigation Gestures on Android Nougat, Oreo

If you were looking for iPhone X style navigation gestures on your Android smartphone or tablet, this is just the guide for you. Despite many Android smartphone manufacturers focusing on hardware, they have forgot to integrate new software innovations. Something useful that we have seen arrive across the pond on iOS devices are gestures for navigation. Apparently, Google has also taken notice of this new innovation and would be doing something similar in upcoming Android P release. Nonetheless, if you want iPhone X navigation gestures to be utilized on your current Android device, read ahead.

As latest Apple flagship has cut off the home button, it had to resort to new gestures for navigation. These gestures seem quite intuitive and would prove beneficial on current Android devices. Fortunately, utilizing the open-source nature of Android, developers have successfully ported many of them. To have full screen navigation gestures, all you need is a clever app called Navigation Gestures. Instructions ahead take you through the complete setup and install procedure.

Download Navigation Gestures

Navigation Gesture has been developed to include almost all of the new iPhone X gestures. The best thing about this application is that you can install it without rooting your device.

How to get iPhone X Style Navigation Gestures on Android

To get iPhone X Gestures on Android Phone just follow the steps below

Step 1 – Download Fastboot / ADB package from the following links depending on your OS and extract it anywhere in your computer.

Step 2 – On your phone, open Google Play Store and download Navigation Gestures.

Step 3 – After installation, launch the app and grant it necessary permissions. First, you would need to grant it access to Accessibility Service. Do so by taping on Grant button in the app and then from the resulting window, finding Navigation Gestures option and then enable it.

Step 4 – Once done, swipe next to grant it another permission. Unlike other utilities, this app requires a special permission as well which you would need to grant through ADB via your computer hence Step 1.

Step 5 – Launch the ADB and Fastboot driver on your PC and enable USB debugging on your phone then connect your phone with PC via data cable.

Step 6 – After the command window opens, enter the following command:

Note: Make sure you have allowed your PC to debug your smartphone. If not, once you enter the following command, a pop-up should ask for it and you can allow.

adb shell pm grant com.xda.nobar android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Step 7 – Disconnect your phone from the computer. Now go to the app and configure it to the way you like, it is quite widely configurable.

If you are having trouble installing the Navigation Gestures, just drop a comment below and we will help you with the problem you’re having

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