Download OnePlus 6 Ringtones for Any Android Phone

Here is a guide through which you can download OnePlus 6 ringtones for your Android smartphone. OnePlus recently came out with a brand new phone, the OnePlus 6. Moving from the traditional metal back finish, the 2018 OnePlus flagship features a ceramic back with an exquisite paint-job. Hardware, internally, has been improved quite a lot along with software. Now, whether you are looking to buy the OnePlus 6 or are interested in finding more about it, you can start by experiencing its official ringtones, available for download ahead. For those interested, we also have a collection of official stock OnePlus 6 wallpapers that you can download.

These ringtones have been ripped directly from the OnePlus 6. The format for these ringtones is MP3 so all phones would be able to recognize them. Also, all of the ringtones are available in high quality so you wont be noticing any interference or low volume. Further, in total, there are 65 unique ringtones to chose from. Read ahead for complete download link and installation instructions for OnePlus 6 ringtones.

 OnePlus 6 Ringtones - Official Stock Ringtones

Stock OnePlus 6 Ringtones

As explained, there are 65 MP3 ringtones included in the download package. From the complete set, there are few tones which will work nicely on message / single notification sounds while other would work best in a loop or repetition such as a call notification.

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Download OnePlus 6 Ringtones, Notification Sounds and Alarm Tunes

We have archived all 65 OnePlus 6 ringtones into a single ZIP package for easier management, linked ahead:

Size: 20.61 MB

How to Install OnePlus 6 Ringtones on Any Android Phone

Once you download the ZIP package, just extract it. If you downloaded onto your computer, you would have to transfer the files to your phone’s internal storage — Ringtones folder (Located at root directory). However, if you downloaded onto your phone, use a ZIP archive app to extract it from your downloads folder to the Ringtones folder directly.

How to Install Ringtones on Android Phone

As Android understands the ringtones folder, once you placed all your files there, these ringtones should be loaded up in your Settings from where you would normally change the ringtone.

Note: It is plausible some ringtones might already be present on your phone, so there might be duplicates.

Do let us know in the comments below if you liked these ringtones and alarm tunes. Further, do report if the download link does not work!

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