Download APKTool 2.3.2 – Extract APK Files in Android P

You can now download APKTool 2.3.2 and use it to extract APK files. The developer behind APKTool, iBotPeaches, recently updated this useful utility to a newer version. In the release notes, the most major change arrives in the form of Android P Preview API support. For users who haven’t heard of this tool before, the main purpose behind this utility is to reverse engineer Android app APK files and let you view the code. The target audience for this package is the developer community who want to add certain functionality to an existing app or modify the app’s existing functions. You can get the latest APKTool 2.3.2 package for your computer with the link ahead.

The tool is written in Java and utilizes a simple command line interface which you can manipulate to extract APK files. Further, it also comes with some built-in functions such as building APK files which makes it that more versatile. The new APKTool 2.3.2 adds in further compatibility with latest Android version — currently referred to as Android P. Further, the developer of this tool has taken time to iron out bugs or performance issues that present in older iterations.

Download APKTool 2.3.2

APKTool 2.3.2 – Details:

The main users of this APKTool utility, as discussed, would be existing Android developers. APKTool builds all the source code of a certain app back to its original form as it was first packaged, allowing developers to see the code and implement new functionality. The developer behind this doesn’t intend for users to use it as a utility to pirate apps.

Further, as APK file format is specific to Android, you can only reverse engineer Android apps. Also, if you are looking to build an APK from source code, you can use APKTool as it comes with this added functionality.

You can view the detailed change-log right ahead:

  • Android P Preview Support
  • Initial support for rebuilding with aapt2 binary
  • Fixed issue with application with empty resources.arsc file
  • Fixed issue with root depth kotlin folder
  • Fixed building Apktool on Windows.
  • Added warning if application is non-zero typeIdOffset is discovered.
  • Update to baksmali v2.2.2
  • Support for treating additional photo extensions as raw (m4a)
  • Prevent temporary BRUT files from clogging temp directories.

Download APKTool 2.3.2:

The newest APKTool utility has been linked ahead for download. In order for it to work, you should have Java run-time installed on your system.

File: apktool_2.3.2.jar
Size: 8.87MB

As the file is based off of Java resources, you can run it on all major desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac. After you test the new version out, do reach us in the comments below with your experience using APKTool 2.3.2!

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