Download Magisk 16.1 Beta – Android P Now Supported

Here is the latest Magisk 16.1 beta that you can download and root Android P. Gain root through the latest Magisk 16.1 root utility which now adds support to Android P. We saw Google reveal Preview builds for their upcoming Android iteration, Android 9.0 / P. These builds give us a good insight as to what comes next. However, for eager enthusiasts and users, root is one utility they want to run on each Android iteration they try out. Hence, topjohnwu – developer behind Magisk – has responded to the challenge by patching Magisk to latest 16.1 Beta build. As this new version is a work-in-progress and is still being tested, the developer refrained from releasing it through the main stable channel.

Root utilities have been with Android since the very start. In the most common terms, root allows you more privileges to your phone which then results in extended functionality. Magisk 16.1 Beta was solely developed to address Android P / 9.0 revision which is only available as a Preview build for Pixel devices. Furthermore, Magisk 16.1 Beta also works with older revisions such as Android 8.0 Oreo.

Download Magisk 16.1 Beta

Magisk 16.1 – Changelog:

Read the complete technical run-down of Magisk 16.1 (Beta):

  • Fix MTK boot image packaging
  • Add more Nook/Acclaim headers support
  • Support unpacking DTB with empty kernel image
  • Update high compression mode detection logic
  • Support new mke2fs tool on Android P
  • Support Android P new property context files
  • Add new rules for Android P

Why Choose and Install Magisk?

Root, as discussed, are administrator privileges on your smartphone. To get these, you can choose from a wide variety of options. From all of these options, Magisk stands out thanks to its systemless approach, guaranteed support and wide user base. Further, Magisk doesn’t only root your phone but it also provides a framework through which most new and popular mods are created – known as Magisk Modules. Adding to it, OTA updates can be handled much better when your system isn’t modified and apps like FlashFire can be used to flash firmwares directly from your smartphone.

Many users think that a systemless root approach is somewhat inferior. That isn’t the case, once rooted either through modifying the system or without it, functionality remains exactly the same.

Download Magisk 16.1 Beta:

You can download the latest Magisk 16.1 Beta package from the link below.

Download File:
Size: 5.33MB

Looking for older Magisk versions? Read: Download Magisk (All Versions)

The utility is available as a ZIP file which you can flash through a custom recovery like the famous TWRP from the guys at TeamWin. Check our TWRP section to learn how to download and install TWRP recovery on your Android device.

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