How to Install Android P Screenshot Editor on Any Android Phone

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can get, download and install Android P screenshot editor on any Android phone. In a surprise announcement, Google launched the very first Android P Developer Preview 1 for Android developers to test our their apps and explore all the new features and APIs. The launch is still months away, but we are already looking at a number of Android P components and features ported out for previous Android versions.

We have known about a potential test by Google where they were developing a screenshot editor before sharing captured screenshots with anyone. This first appeared in a Google Search tear-down article online, but till now, we never saw it rolling it out to Android devices. This new screenshot editor now comes with Android P. This editor is called as “Markup” and it opens up when you select to ‘Edit’ a screenshot you just captured in Android P. An XDA Forums member, Quinny899, ported out this Markup APK for other Android devices i.e. Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9 etc.

Google Markup - Android P Screenshot Editor
Image Credits: XDA-Developers

Android P Screenshot Editor – Markup

Android P introduced a number of new features, and this little near, useful feature is one of them. Much of the notifications and quick toggle buttons area have been redesigned — again. Android Oreo has still only made it to about 1-2% of Android devices, so Android P rolling out to end users is still many, many months away — even after its commercial launch in October with the Google Pixel 3. But the best part of Android is, its community of developers and people who love modifying their phones.

You can see this Android P Screenshot Editor in action here!

We now have the following Android P components ported out for any Android device that you can download:

Download Google Markup APK

Android P screenshot editor uses an app called Google Markup to bring the screenshot editing feature to Android P. You can download Google Markup from the link below:

Size: 5.16MB

How to Get Android P Screenshot Editor

Follow these steps to make the Android P screenshot editor work on your Android phone using Google Markup app:

  • Download the Markup APK.
  • Install it on your phone like any other APK file.
  • Now take a screenshot and wait till it is saved.
  • Tap on SHARE.
  • Now select Markup from the share menu.
  • Edit your screenshot with the new tools.
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