Download Android P Ringtones for Any Android Phone

You can now download Android P ringtones for any Android phone. There are still many months before Android P is released for final download to the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. However, you can now already download the Android P ringtones, notification sounds and alarm tones for your device. The all new Android P Developer Preview was announced yesterday as a first-look for developers who would want to optimize and get their apps ready for when Android P is released. Several new APIs have been added as part of this Android P Preview 1 release.

Here are the official ringtones from Android P that you can download and install on your phone. There are about 12 ringtones included in the package below, all in high-quality OGG format files. All of these were extracted from the Android P factory image that was released yesterday. If you do not want to wait for Android P to arrive sometime around October 2018, you can go ahead and download the Android P Ringtones package to enjoy them on your device.

 Download Android P Ringtones

Android P Stock Ringtones

In this package, you will find several ringtones, UI sounds, notification sounds and some alarm tunes that you might want to use if you are bored of the current tones in your phone. Here is what this collection includes:

  • 12 ringtones
  • 15 notification sounds
  • 12 alarm tunes
  • 25 UI related sounds

Here is a look of the included Android P ringtones in this collection:

Android P Ringtones - Official Stock Ringtones

Looking for some more specific from Android P? Let us know in the comments below and we will help you find it. The download link is given right below the jump.

Download Android P Ringtones, Notification Sounds and Alarm Tunes

You can download the complete collection of Android P stock ringtones, notification sounds and alarm tunes from the link here:

File: Download
Size: 4.28 MB

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How to Install Android P Ringtones on Any Android Phone

It is very easy to load and install these new Android P ringtones on your Android phone. Download the ringtones package from the above link, and extract it directly on your phone. If you downloaded the zip file on your desktop computer, you will have to transfer the files to your Android device.

How to Install Ringtones on Android Phone

Copy all the files from the Ringtones folder to the ‘Ringtones’ directory in your Android phone’s internal storage. Your phone will automatically recognize the OGG files in this folder and load up the new ringtones on your phone.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked these ringtones and alarm tunes. And also ping us if the download link stops working!

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