Download Magisk 15.1 – Fixes Bootloop Issues

Just recently we wrote about the new Magisk 15.0. As it happens, the previous version had some faults and developer topjohnwu has been quick to release an update – Magisk 15.1 – that addresses those issues. Magisk itself is a systemless root solution that is open-source. In recent times, it has gained popularity thanks to its ease of deployment and extended support. Magisk 15.1 is just a small update which carries bug-fixes that solve bootloop problems with some devices. You can download the latest Magisk 15.1 package from the guide ahead as well as read about the changes.

This revised version carries the same changes as in the 15.0 one. It adds modularity which in turn will make it easier to update the package and furthermore, it has better support for recent Android revisions. The best thing about Magisk remains to be its open-source code which allows developers to easily make modules for it. Read ahead to download Magisk 15.1 package for your Android device.

Download Magisk 15.1 Root Package

Magisk 15.1 – Details:

Magisk itself is a system-less, open-source and universal root solution for Android devices running versions above 5.0 Lollipop. The new Magisk 15.1 tries to tackle two major points. The first being, modularity. Like Pixel and Project Treble, the developer insists on having a modular package which will then allow for easy upgrades for both users and developers. The second thing Magisk 15.1 tries to solve is removing traces from the system. Magisk 15.1 is designed to remain hidden and unseen to packages that might try to disable it or cause problems with its core functionality.

Download Magisk 15.1

You can download Magisk 15.1 package from the link below. This is a ZIP package which can easily be flashed through a custom recovery like TWRP.


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