Watch Razer Phone Unveiling Event Live Stream

Razer, the gaming accessories brand, is all set to announce its very first smartphone later today and you can watch the event live through this post. What started off initially as a hobbyist company, now makes excellent quality hardware which range from different laptops to gaming keyboards and mouse. This new venture of Razer would be focused for providing yet another hardware product to its fans. For this smartphone, we expect a very gaming-esque design along with some amazing features as we have come to expect from other Razer products. Similarly, we hope to see premium materials being utilized for the exterior of the smartphone. Read ahead to know how you can follow the Razer phone event unveiling live.

We don’t have a name yet for the phone itself so for the purpose of this article, we will refer it to as the Razer phone. The phone will ship with a recent version of Android, either Nougat or Oreo. Further, Razer would be focusing on the display, speakers and other such things that common users might not bother with but they form a major part of the gaming experience. We will get full details once the event is underway, watch it live by using the guide ahead.

Watch Razer Phone Announcement Live Stream

Watch Razer Phone Event Live Stream

Again, following the gaming theme, Razer would be partnering up with Twitch to provide live coverage of this event. Twitch is a live-stream platform used by gamers to broadcast there gaming sessions, this would be the first time for an Android smartphone to get announced on Twitch.

The event will start at 1PM San Francisco time or 8PM London time on 1st Nov 2017.

Are you excited for this announcement? Do you think Razer would be able to pull off a good Android smartphone? Let us know about your opinion below.

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