How to Tweet in 280 Characters on Twitter Right Now

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to tweet in 280 characters on Twitter, right now, without having to wait for the official feature to roll out for you. Twitter is a giant social network mainly popular due to its 140 characters tweet limit. This makes Twitter best as well as worst at the same. While people using social networking sites like Facebook or Google are able to do long posts that can result into boring and spam. But twitter limit enabled to people to share the status updates, news and even personal thoughts in a well-defined manner, which are neither that boring or spam. This is also another reason; every hot trend or leak is first found on the Twitter.

But this character limit is sometimes troublesome for many users who write or speak different languages because not all languages are compact or can be broken down to few character words. That is why, Twitter is finally making a move to increase the character limit from 140 to 280 characters. It can be also seen as an effort of Twitter trying to reach an audience outside the USA where conveying a message in 140 characters is little close to impossible.


How to Tweet in 280 Characters on Twitter

The 140-characters limit is not only imposed on the web version but also on all the apps available for Android or iOS. Even the recently released Twitter Lite also have this limit. Right now, there is no way to tweet in 280 characters, officially, but luckily a user Prof9, has found a workaround to do tweets longer than Twitter’s current limit.


How to Tweet in 280 Characters on Twitter

The workaround is very simple. Twitter is currently testing and rolling out the 280 words limit with a small group of users. This is where this neat trick comes in. The main code base in Twitter allows the user to send tweets up to 280 characters, however, it is not yet activated for everyone.

TamperMoney allows you to run user scripts in your browser to modify or change how a website works. This is similar to how most techies remember changing the behaviour of a website using Greasemonkey.

Let’s get on with the quick and easy steps below:

  • First download TamperMonkey on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then visit this github repo page and press Raw.
  • Now tell TamperMonkey to install the script and save it for later use.
  • Run the script in TamperMonkey and visit to tweet.

Voila, you can now tweet in 280 characters and even share videos, links or images as well. Reset, assured TamperMonkey is a well known tool and used for mainly running scripts in browsers.

So until, Twitter publicly rolls out the new limit you can try this workaround. And, there may be a chance Twitter rolls out a fix to this script very soon – so enjoy while it lasts!

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