Download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS for OnePlus 3T

OnePlus has been conducting closed beta tests for Oreo on couple of its devices but here we have a leaked Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS firmware for the OnePlus 3T. Apart from China, OnePlus phones run OxygenOS but as this build is for China, it is named HyrdogenOS. It is a full official build but as it is for Chinese region, there are standards that the ROM conforms with. These standards result in alternate services being used for the ones that are not to be used in China. The firmware contains Android 8.0 Oreo directly from OnePlus for the OnePlus 3T. It contains a new revised look, performance improvements and more. You can download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS leaked build for OnePlus 3T from the link given ahead.

As mentioned, OxygenOS is the widely used firmware on OnePlus devices but for the China region, this firmware is named HydrogenOS based on its key differences. The download might not be as useful for normal day to day users but for enthusiasts and modders, this build means access to a lot of propietrary drivers and apps meant for running Android 8.0 Oreo on the OnePlus 3T. Android 8.0 Oreo OxygenOS is expected soon, for a detailed timeline, read our Android 8.0 Oreo timeline for OnePlus devices.

Download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS, OnePlus 3T

Download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS for OnePlus 3T

HydrogenOS is OnePlus’ official firmware for OnePlus 3T inside of China. As the hardware of the phone is exactly the same for China as for the rest of the world, you can download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS leaked build for OnePlus 3T from below.

Developers can extract Android 8.0 Oreo drivers, libraries, key apps and more from this firmware and they can also try to port it to other devices. Further, this gives an insight as to what the company has planned for the OnePlus 3T in the future. By today’s standards, the OnePlus 3T still packs some amazing hardware at a killer price-point.

Download Android 8.0 Oreo HydrogenOS: OnePlus3T_28_A.80_170918.tar.bz2

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