Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers and Variants

Samsung just recently announced the new Galaxy Note 8, it is set to start shipping to customers on September 15th. If you are planning to purchase it, we have all the model numbers and variants for the Galaxy Note 8 listed right below along with the differences and regions in which they are being sold. Samsung has made the Note 8 a power house of a machine. It ships with a dual camera setup, the infamous S-Pen and the largest Infinity Display panel yet. However, to conform with regional standards and also, customer expectations, Samsung comes out with quite a few variants of each flagship, in this case, the Galaxy Note 8. As mentioned, all Galaxy Note 8 model numbers and variants have been listed below so that you can figure out which one is the best for you.

Retailers usually have the global variant of the Galaxy Note 8 in stock around the globe but if you purchase from a carrier, it will surely be a different variant to the global one. This doesn’t mean that some variants are inferior to others, the performance and experience will remain exactly the same across the board. However, the update cycle for each variant is different which might be a concern for some customers. Read further to find out all model numbers of Galaxy Note 8 and its variants.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers

The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s comeback from the Galaxy Note 7 mishap. Due to the problems in Note 7’s battery, the Galaxy Note 8 ships with a smaller capacity battery as the brand doesn’t want another remake of the Note 7. Further, technically, this phone will be superseding the Galaxy Note 5 as loyal Note customers don’t switch to the S flagship line. So in that perspective, this would be a major upgrade.

Below, you can find all model numbers for the Galaxy Note 8 and all variants.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Model Numbers and Country Variants

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As we mentioned previously, the key differences lie in the standards each variant follows. Specifically the bands and carrier support. Otherwise, the internals will remain almost exactly the same. Some regions would get the Snapdragon processor while others would get the Exynos. Overall, both processors are identical in performance perspectives. Unlike some brands which offer limited edition colors which have higher storage, the Note 8 is available in all storage options in all colors.

Which one would you be looking to purchase? Reach us through the comments section right below.

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