Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories: Covers, Cases, Wireless Charger

Here is a list of the beautiful official Galaxy Note 8 accessories that Samsung has launched along with the phone. Samsung introduced its latest Galaxy Note flagship yesterday, the Galaxy Note 8, at an event in New York. We have covered technical specifications of the phone and now we will be taking a look at the accessories being provided by Samsung. The new Note 8 smartphone brings a huge screen — 6.3 inch of Super AMOLED goodness — and packs a Dual Camera system. These are all some exceptional features and to go along with them, Samsung is releasing official accessories for the Galaxy Note 8. These accessories have been listed below and are made by Samsung. You can view all of the Galaxy Note 8 accessories along with images right ahead.

A new flagship gives Samsung an opportunity to release first party accessories. These first party accessories allow even more functionality and guarantee the same level of quality as you expect from the phone itself. We love the new fast wireless charger which has been announced for the Note 8 and also, the LED view cover that offers protection as well as practicality. View all of the accessories from Samsung for the Galaxy Note 8 right below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

We have sorted all of the Galaxy Note 8 accessories being sold by Samsung right below along with descriptions for each. These accessories have been designed from the ground up for the Galaxy Note 8 hence they will offer the best compatibility when compared with third-party ones.

Clear View Standing Cover

Galaxy Note 8 Accessories - Clear View Standing Cover

This case is a flip based cover. It comes with a clear front that is there to prevent the screen from being scratched and further, you can use it as a stand to prop up your Note 8 for media consumption.

LED View Cover

Galaxy Note 8 Accessories - LED View Cover

The LED View Cover comes with a flip style. The front is of soft cloth material and it has a mechanism through which you can see the LED style information. The case provides front protection as well as back protection. The front has a cutout for the speaker piece hence you can attend calls with the cover closed.

Alcantara Cover

Galaxy Note 8 Accessories - Alcantara Cover

Samsung announced the Alcantara fabric covers with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Due to their popularity, Galaxy note 8 also gets an alcantara cover. This Italian fabric is soft to touch and has a very grippy characteristic.

2Piece Cover

2Piece Cover - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

This is one of the slightly debatable accessories by Samsung. The 2Piece cover is somewhat of a bumper case broken down into two separate pieces. This cover is to provide extra protection against falls as the infinity display causes the actual display panel to be very close to the edge hence being more fragile.

Protective Standing Cover

Protective Standing Cover - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

The protective standing cover for the Galaxy Note 8 offers the most protection. It has a very thick design and rugged back. Further, there is a movable kickstand on the back that lets you prop up the phone for watching movies and videos.

Clear Cover

Clear Cover - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

This is the most basic of cases being offered by Samsung. This case provides a single layer of protection while being as minimal as possible. The clear cover lets you display the phone’s design while keeping it protected.

Keyboard Cover

Keyboard Cover - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

Something Samsung originally started and is still continuing, is the keyboard cover. Somewhat gimmicky but the Keyboard cover provides physical keys on the the device. Once you connect it, the phone display automatically adjusts. Even with the keyboard attached, the screen real-estate isn’t that much sacrificed.

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

Samsung has provided Galaxy Note 8 users with a wireless charger that can convert into a charging pad or a charging stand. It is built to provide fastest wireless charging for the Galaxy Note 8.

Battery Pack

Battery Pack - Galaxy Note 8 Accessories

If you run out of juice, Samsung is providing stylish battery packs with 5100mAh capacity. These battery packs feature USB C and two different colors to choose from. Fast charging is also supported.

These are all the official accessories offered by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 8. Which one would you get with the Note 8? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. After seeing the gorgeous infinite display screen of Note 8, no one would like to let it get even a minor scratch. So I have decided that when I will get this luxurious smartphone in my hands, I am going to first protect it with a case.

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