Watch Android O Launch Event Live Stream on August 21

Just announced, you can watch Android O live stream on YouTube on August 21. Android O gets a release date from Google – parallel with Solar Eclipse and official live stream has been put up online for everyone to enjoy the event. Google has truly struck gold as they couldn’t have found a better event to commemorate their next major Android release, Android O.

Rumors have already started piling in that the name would be Android Oreo – our bets are on this name as well – but it would all be cemented on the 21st of this month. Android O has been in development stages for few months now, the last developer preview, Developer Preview 4 came few weeks back for compatible Nexus and Pixel devices. However, the public release of Android O is imminent and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Read further to find out how to watch official live stream for Android O public reveal.

Android O live stream

Android O is to be a major refinement for the mobile OS. Multi-window would be integrated at the source level for the first time, new features would be added and most of all, it would be better optimized hence would run faster on even low-end hardware. Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C will be the first in line to get the official release along with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X following. These devices currently have the Developer Preview 4 available for them.

How to Watch Android O Live Stream on August 21

Watch the whole event through the following official Android O live stream video hosted by Google on YouTube:

For users on Android or iOS devices, tap the following link to directly watch the Google event on your phone: Eclipse 2017: Android O Live Stream on YouTube

Watch Android O Launch Event Live Stream on August 21 1

Android O Release Date

We probably would be getting the first stable public release of Android O on the same day – August 21. We will be posting guides as soon as the factory images are available for all supported devices. As mentioned, the name would also be unveiled and the bets are on Android Oreo but lets see whether Google surprises us.

What do you think would be the name for Android O? Tell us in the comments.

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