Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Release, Launch Dates Confirmed

Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 8 later this month. Revisiting the Galaxy lineup, the Galaxy Note 7 was etched in history last year, for all the wrong reasons. Not only has Samsung learned from the mistake but they have improved as well. Samsung now has the world’s best battery testing strategy. With the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, Samsung would be looking to revive its name with consumers once again. Loyal Note users are mostly using the Note 5, a two year old flagship and for these people, Note 8 would be a major step up. Read ahead to find what we already know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its release date.

The Galaxy Note 8 will be taking major cues from Galaxy S8. Leaks have already confirmed that it would be coming with the same Infinity display technology with virtually zero bezels. At this time, the phone is expected to run Android Nougat out of the box with Android O update arriving when Google finalizes its release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date:

The brand has already released an official teaser for the phone so we know it isn’t that far away. The date is confirmed for August 23rd. Samsung would be holding an event in New York which would then be partnered with other small events across the globe and also, users would be able to live stream the whole unveiling.

Shipment date, when people will start getting their hands on the final device, is set to be 15th September. It is in line with what Samsung has done in the past. Also, the pre-orders would start just weeks before the official shipment. As always, regions would vary slightly but for main ones like USA, Europe and Asia, these dates would be observed.

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You can now download the official Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers from the post below:

Here are some leaked photos of the phone and some of the official press banners as well:


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  1. Absolutely I plan to pre-order. I had two of the Note 7 “burner phones” and they were the best phones I ever had. Also, I have waited years for the mythical Surface Phone – primarily because of the many things the iPhone would not do! So the big ass Note 8 combined with my iPad 10.5 Pro running IOS will be an amazing combination. Can’t Wait!

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