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For users who flash a ROM quite often, Android Flashable Zip Creator is a must-try. With each install of a ROM, users usually wipe there data and then proceed to re-install that. In the re-installing part, apps, mods, bootanimations and other miscellaneous things are required to be manually installed one by one. This is quite a time consuming process. Developers recognized that and created this Android Flashable Zip Creator which basically groups all of your needed apps, mods, bootanimations, fonts and more into one single Zip which can be flashed after a new ROM flash. Read further to find out the feature list and also the download link to Android Flashable Zip creator.

The only catch with this tool is the initial setup. But keeping in mind, if you were to accomplish this without a tool, it would have been much more time consuming and complicated at the least. The tool automates majority of the procedure but as Android devices vary greatly in hardware as well as software versions, a one fit for all can’t be applied. Once, however, you have set it up, the tool works flawlessly.

Android Flashable ZIP Creator

Android Flashable Zip Creator – Features:

Here are the key highlights of Android Zip Creator:

  • Lets you import the apks, fonts files, bootanimation zips, ringtones, etc
  • Creates a zip file at your desired location
  • Allows you to import the already created file so that you could just make the required modifications and create a new zip
  • Comes with drag and drop functionality to save your time in manually setting up the structure
  • Supports latest aroma binary version available
  • Supports all the Android versions till Nougat
  • Supports all the devices by reading update-binary from root directory if device is not present in supported devices list (this step will get eliminated soon in next big release)
  • Can be used by noobs too
  • Requires minimum knowledge about aroma config and updater-script
  • Allows you to choose your devices’ compatible aroma binary
  • Allows you to choose your favourite aroma themes
  • Has various options in Preferences for user to make change in behavior of tool

Download Android Flashable ZIP Creator:

You can download the latest release of Android Flashable Zip Creator from here: Download AFZC_4.1_Stable.rar 


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

If you want to view the technical thread for this tool, read here at xda-developers.

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