Nokia 6 Model Numbers and Variants

Here is a complete list for all the Nokia 6 model numbers and variations which can be purchased in different regions around the globe. The 2017 Nokia lineup of Android smartphones seems quite promising. We were lucky enough to test out the entry level smartphone, the Nokia 3, and here is our review: Nokia 3 Review. This post, however, focuses on the newly launched Nokia 6 smartphone which is undoubtedly the slightly high spec-ed phone in the lineup. We see premium materials on the external side, similarly, the internals have been focused on just as much.

The Nokia 6 smartphone will be carrying a similar UI as to what can be found on the Nokia 3. The software itself is quite minimal and follows Google’s guidelines. In fact, it is the most un-tinkered software skin you can find on any smartphone except the Pixel and Nexus lineup.


Nokia 6 model numbers

As to what hardware the Nokia 6 runs, it isn’t quite boasting flagship specs rather these specs are inclined towards the mid-range category. This is clearly evident from the price as well. However, due to each country having its own set of rules and policies which need to be implemented in each smartphone, there are few variations to the Nokia 6. Also, the bands on which each country operates quite often enough become different which is why manufacturers have to release these variants.

Below, we have a complete list on the Nokia 6 models along with information as to where they are being sold.


Nokia 6 Model Numbers and Country Variants

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If you are looking to import the Nokia 6 to your country or want to know what model will you get from your region, this guide would be quite helpful.

The key differences, as we mentioned, would lie in the bands supported by the specific model, few software changes and the Chinese variant gets an extra 1GB of RAM but skips Auto-Focus on front camera and NFC. Otherwise, every Nokia 6 variant should be quite similar to each other. You can only differentiate once you check the model number otherwise, there would be no exterior changes for you to identify.

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