Download Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool (All Versions)

Qualcomm SW Downloader tool can be easily downloaded and installed on your Windows computer through the following article. The Qualcomm SW Downloader tool is designed to flash firmwares on Qualcomm chipset phones. The good thing about these tools is the fact that they aren’t specific brand dependent rather they work on any device which supports the chipset. This, Qualcomm SW Downloader, doesn’t in fact download any firmware rather the download term is applied to the smartphone as it downloads the firmware from your computer on to the phone. You would need to find the firmware yourself before using this tool. You can download SW Downloader Tool from the links below.

The Qualcomm SW Downloader provides more features on top of firmware flashing. One of these features include NAV file restore. This specific files can be used to backup and then restore user data. Also, the tool provides option to connect more than one device to your computer.

Qualcomm SW Downloader

Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool – Features:

Before we proceed to the download links, here is a brief look on the features Qualcomm SW Downloader tool offers.

Portable Application

The Qualcomm SW Downloader tool comes in a single ZIP package. When this ZIP is extracted, you can launch the tool without any installation. Hence making it portable and easy to transfer from one computer to another.

Qualcomm Chipset Dependant

Rather than complying with a single brand, the tool works with numerous chipsets. You can see if your device falls in the following chipset list: QSC1110, QSC6240, QSC6270, MSM7225, MSM7227A, MSM7625, MSM7627A, MSM8225, MSM8625, MSM8225, MSM8625, MSM8225Q, MSM8625Q.

Multiple Device Support

At once, you can connect more than one device to your computer and the tool will recognize them all. This gives you the ability to flash firmwares on multiple devices at once.

Partition Specific Flashing

Qualcomm SW Downloader has the ability to flash only certain partitions of the device. This comes in handy when you don’t want to upgrade the overall software but rather parts of it such as Boot file etc.

Download Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool:

You can download the latest version of Qualcomm SW Downloader tool from right below. This tool is windows only.

Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool – More Information

USB Drivers: You would need proper USB drivers for your specific device for Qualcomm SW Downloader tool to run successfully. For viewing Android USB drivers consult our post: Android USB Drivers section.

Custom ROMs:  For AOSP based ROMs that are compatible with your device you can use our Custom ROMs section.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

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