Download Ramadan Wallpapers 2017

As all Muslims welcome the month of Ramadan around the globe, here are some Ramadan centric wallpapers for your device. The designs mainly include calligraphy and have subtle color combinations. You can choose from quite a lot and see which one fits your device better. As for the download, you can read ahead to get the download link. We have combined all Ramadan Wallpapers in a single ZIP file for you to easily download and extract.

The total number of unique designs are 12 whereas there are further 12 sub-designs following each of the main ones, making the total number of wallpapers 24. Resolution of these wallpapers is 1920×1080, which means you can apply them to devices having 1080p screens or less. If you try it on devices with higher resolutions, there might be stretching or blank space around the wallpaper.

Download Ramadan Wallpapers 2017 1

Download Ramadan Wallpapers 2017

As mentioned earlier, all of the 24 wallpaper designs have been compiled in a single ZIP so that you can easily download and extract afterwards.

This is a small file that you can download and extract directly on your Android phone or tablet.

Ramadan Wallpapers 2017 Ramadan Wallpapers 2017
The design and artwork on each of these wallpapers is really amazing and it looks really beautiful on the homescreen / lockscreen of our devices. The above two pictures are just the sample ones from the entire pack of 24 wallpapers. If your Android phone support themes, you can easily install or customize a theme to better work with these wallpapers. Samsung and MIUI have plenty of Islamic themes available.

If you are using any better looking wallpaper, we would be glad to share them here in our list. Send it to us or add them in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy these wallpapers, share a screenshot of your home-screen running one of these wallpapers in the comments.

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