OnePlus 5 Design Confirmed Ahead of June 20th Launch

OnePlus has confirmed many details of the upcoming OnePlus 5 and now, to one up themselves, they have also released an official image showcasing the design of the upcoming smartphone. We see a lot of rumors and details getting leaked ahead of any major smartphone release but brands confirming any of these is a rare occurrence. OnePlus 5 will be the company’s 5th smartphone release however, if you count out the OnePlus 3T, it is technically the 4th major one. We will be covering the official announcement event on June 20th and would be keeping you up to date as we build up to it.

In the image, it is clearly shown how the OnePlus 5 will be featuring an aluminium back with a dual camera system. Along with that, the matte black color scheme has also been disclosed. The image cuts off at midway but it gives us a pretty good idea as to what the whole phone might look like. There is a strong resemblance of iPhone 7 Plus but then again, a brick design with dual cameras has very limited variations.

OnePlus 5 Design Confirmed Ahead of June 20th Launch 1

More details confirmed by the brand include Snapdragon 835 being the processor powering the OnePlus 5. All of these details will be cemented once the June 20th event kicks off so stay tuned to this space for further coverage of the upcoming OnePlus 5.

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