Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World – No Root Required

This tutorial is on how to enable and watch YouTube TV anywhere in the world. You must have heard about the new YouTube TV service. Like the name suggests, it is an online TV service by YouTube. There are a lot of channels available to watch. YouTube TV is different from other TV streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. How? These other services like, Netflix and Hulu, have their own libraries of shows to watch but the YouTube TV service is just a collection of TV channels available to watch by paying a monthly fee.

There are a lot of channels to watch and Google is constantly adding new channels to the supported list. There is a one-month free trial after which you can decide if you want to further pay for service or not. YouTube TV is still in its early phase, to limit feedback from users and improve the service on the way.

Google has only launched YouTube TV here in the US and is not available to other countries. Even the trial can only be accessed if you are in the US. If you are in any other country, you can not access the trial directly. But fortunately, we have a solution to this problem and there is a workaround available to this. No root required!

How to Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World

There are many geo-restricted online services that are not available globally. However, work arounds to them have always been found with one way or the other. Typically in such scenarios, we recommend using a VPN and browse through the US to access your required service. For YouTube TV, we will do something much easier – spoof our GPS location.

There is an app called Fake GPS location. This app sets your location wherever in the world you want. Let’s begin with the tutorial now. Like with all our tutorials, please read through the entire guide once before actually performing it for yourself.

Step 1 – Download Fake GPS location app from Google Play Store.

Step 2 – Open the app and it will take you to the developer options itself.

YouTube TV-Fake GPS (1)

Step 3 – Turn on the developer options and make sure “Location Mocking” is checked. This will allow the Fake GPS location app to fake your location.

Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World - No Root Required 1


Step 4 – Now go back to the app and select a location from the map within the USA. As the YouTube TV is only available in the USA, you need to select a location within the USA.

Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World - No Root Required 2

Step 5 – You can open Google Maps and pinpoint your location to verify that your location is being faked.

Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World - No Root Required 3

Download YouTube TV APK and Start Free Trial

Step 6 – Download YouTube TV APK and install it like any other APK. (Tutorial)

Step 7 – Now open the YouTube TV app and you are ready to go.

Step 8 – Select 1 month free trial from the start screen and log in with your account.

Enable and Watch YouTube TV Anywhere In The World - No Root Required 4

Step 9 – The YouTube TV app will think that you are in the USA and your 1-month trial will start immediately.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy 1 month free trial of  YouTube TV. You can then buy a subscription as well and continue watching the TV as long as you want.

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