Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked: Pictures Show Dual Cameras, No Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has once again grabbed the headlines with the newly leaked Galaxy Note 8 photos. Just weeks ago, the company unveiled the S8 and S8+ flagships and they haven’t even started shipping officially yet we have a new leak regarding Galaxy Note 8. Taking heat with the Note 7 mishap, it was being argued that Samsung would drop the whole line but that isn’t clearly so.

These leaked images show a Samsung branded phone running a very similar UX compared with the S8. The key things which pop out immediately include the dual-lens camera system on the back and the absence of fingerprint sensor. Let’s take a look at these pictures and judge what sort of direction is Samsung going with in this Note release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked: Pictures Show Dual Cameras, No Fingerprint Scanner 1

The Galaxy S8 has introduced a very striking design coupled with some amazing hardware and according to tradition, Samsung will use this as a baseline and enrich it with upgrades to make the new Note. First of all, the brand has a considerable user base which relies on Note flagships and after suffering the Note 7 mishap, most of them are using the older Note 5 or have switched to the S line of phones. This puts Samsung in a position where it is required to come up with a new Note 8 smartphone and that too, quickly.

As we move on to the pictures themselves, you would obviously notice the dual-lens camera system at first glance. As Samsung hasn’t updated the camera module in the S8 release, it is quite logical it does so with the Note 8. Dual-lens technology has been implemented far and wide by Samsung’s biggest competitor, Huawei. It wasn’t going to be long when Samsung also jumped on board with this tech. The company would be looking to set a new standard of camera capability with this release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you have a keen eye, you would also notice that there is no fingerprint sensor. As with the Galaxy S8, the brand hoped to implement fingerprint sensing on the front screen itself however, the technology wasn’t there. However, with the Note 8, the brand has time and it is possible we will see this feature come out. We, at TeamAndroid, hope that it does plan out as the placement of fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 was a let down.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an opportunity for the brand to redeem itself and regain the glory of olden days of Note 4 and Note 5. Hopefully, we will see official announcements in the coming months. This leak is quite far from the expected release date so a lot can change in that time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked: Pictures Show Dual Cameras, No Fingerprint Scanner 2

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