LG G6 Model Numbers and Country Variants

This is a list of all LG G6 model numbers and variants that are available throughout the globe. It’s been a week since LG G6 launched worldwide and they have finally returned to their true form of making high-end premium LG phones. Their previous flagship, the LG G5, was clearly a disaster and didn’t do well in the markets. But with LG G6, the case is much different. This is something what every LG fan has been asking them to make, and they have finally delivered.

LG G6 is the 2017 flagship smartphone by LG Electronics. It features a big 5.7-inch display with an almost bezel less screen. The new design features a 2:1 aspect ratio screen. And with all this, the phone is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, dual-lens camera at the back and 4GB of RAM. LG G6 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat with some modifications made by LG on the top of that.

LG G6 Model Numbers

Just like with every other major flagship, LG has launched the G6 in various different models and variants. That all depends on where you buy the phone from, which country or region. These differences include changes in the radio frequency, carrier and network support. Technical specifications remain the same though. You should be careful where are you ordering the phone from and what is the exact LG G6 model. And also, if that specific model is fully compatible in your country / region or you may end up with a LG G6 that is not able to run 3G or 4G LTE on your telecom carrier. The various LG G6 model numbers include LG H870 S/K/V/DS, H871, H872, H872PR, H873, G600 S/K/L, US997, LS993, AS993, VS998 B/G/P/T/W – these are a lot, eh?

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To make this easier and clear up the confusion, you can read through the table below to check LG G6 model numbers / variants available in the market.

LG G6 Model Numbers and Country Variants

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LG G6 sure has a lot of variants for different regions – LG H870 is primarily for the European region that also extends to the East and Western side of Europe. Other variants of this model number will be launched in South Africa. Russia and Hong Kong is expected to be getting H870DS, which is the dual-SIM version of LG G6. H871 will be available in the US for AT&T and H872 for T-Mobile customers. LG G600 S/K/L model numbers are for the South Korean variants, slight difference in them is that they also support the super fast TD-LTE bands.

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