Samsung Galaxy S8 in Three Colors: Gold Sand, Black Sky, Orchid Grey

As we edge closer to the official launch of Samsung’s much awaited Galaxy S8 flagship, more and more leaks are pouring through. Now we have, what seems to be, official renders of the phone. Each render adequately displays a color and also showcases the front and back styling of the phone. Also, these photos depict there color names in the background. As the black variant is called Black Sky, the backdrop is also a night sky. Same goes for the other three. You can see the full renders right below.

Samsung is coming back from a major mishap with the Note 7 and it is said that company will have all guns blazing with this release. Not only that, this may also be a pivotal point for Samsung to either grow or disappoint. By the looks of these renders, the chances of latter happening are quite low.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Color Renders

Following are the three, presumably official renders, of the Galaxy S8 that is to be announced on March 29th 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold Sand

Gold Sand, Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Sky

Galaxy S8 Color, Balck Sky


Samsung Galaxy S8 Orchid Grey

Orchid Grey - Samsung Galaxy S8

Which color rendering do you like best of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8? Let us know in the comments!

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