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How to Backup Data with Samsung Cloud

Samsung cloud is an online service that is tied with your Samsung account. It provides easy backup of your data and settings to the cloud. Samsung offers the first 15GB free with each signup and once you exceed the limit, you can opt for a paid storage options. Nonetheless, we think this is a very good feature being introduced on all latest Galaxy smartphones. This article will show you how to set up Samsung Cloud to backup your settings and data. The service works for a number of different apps, read more to find out about the exact details.

We have seen a continuous growth in Cloud implementations and it is only logical that major smartphones ship with such services so that storage can easily be backed up and also saved for other content. For this article to work, you need to have a a supported Galaxy device.

How to Backup Data with Samsung Cloud

As we mentioned earlier, every Samsung account is granted a 15GB starting limit.

Step 1 – Go to Settings app and scroll down to Samsung Cloud. The Cloud option sometimes also couples in with Accounts & Cloud. In our case, there was a separate option


Step 2 – The following menu will let you turn your Cloud back up on and off. If you haven’t signed in to your Samsung account yet, you would be prompted to that first. Turn on the sliding buttons in front of the data sections you want to backup.


Step 3 – Further, you can click on the MORE button and find out more settings such as when to switch sync on or even Sync Now. If you have just turned on sync, tap on Sync Now.


That’s about it! The procedure to set up Samsung Cloud is very simple and easy. You can set up this backup on multiple devices and also restore them to new ones individually.

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