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How to Disable “Articles For You” Recommendation in Chrome

Recently Google pushed a new Chrome version for its mobile clients, featuring some exciting changes. However, it also brought a change that most people have found somewhat annoying, the “Articles for you” section has replaced the old classical new tab page. Rather than showing buttons for your “Recent tabs” and ‘Bookmarks,’ there is a plethora of cherry picked articles by Google that might or might not interest you. For those of you who would like to remove this unwanted feature, follow the guide below.

The Chrome 54 browser itself is now more compliant with latest web standards and is more efficient. The UI hasn’t changed much from the previous version but we do recommend to upgrade just for the performance and battery boosts. “Articles for you” section is part of Google’s scheme to bring in more tailored content and ads to the user. Some users would agree with Google while most would not. Nonetheless, you can follow the guide below on disabling Articles for you section.


How to Disable “Articles For You” Recommendation in Chrome

NOTE: This only applies to Chrome version 54 and above. Once you implement this, it would remain the same even after updates.

Step 1 – Open your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2 – Visit the following links one-by-one.

Step 3 – Set each of the flags to “Disabled“.

Step 4 – Restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.

Chrome 54 - New Tab

These flags are for users to change so this wont effect any of your browsing. Also, these flag settings will carry over with your Google account once you update. To revert back to stock, just set the flags to “Default”.

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