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Google October 4 Pixel Event: What To Expect

In just a day’s time Google will be holding an keynote event to highlight multiple new releases and announcements. As with any modern press event, a lot has already been leaked and rumored. Also, the hints coming from Google also confirm some of these leaks. Anyhow, here is a brief post on what you can expect from the event. Firstly, we will be greeted by new phone hardware. As with last year, this time around, we will see two new phones. The Nexus name is said to be dropped off in order to make way for the Pixel naming scheme. We will also be seeing an update on Google’s VR take called Daydream. Apart from hardware, Android Nougat is expected to take on its first decimal point upgrade, most likely, Android Nougat 7.1.

Google always has detailed keynotes especially during fall time. Also, as this time around, the brand has already teased upcoming projects in previous events, we will be seeing progress of each during the announcement.


Google Oct. 4 Event: What To Expect

What to expect? Here is a quick run down of the list and we really hope all of the following is shown or announced tomorrow at the Google event.

Pixel Phones

We will hopefully be greeted with newest successors to the Nexus line of smartphones. Plus, this time around, the Nexus name is going out for good to be replaced by Pixel.

Daydream VR

Google has taken its bet on VR through its recently announced Daydream VR project. We are hoping to see an actual headset on October 4th as well as pricing details

Google Home

Again, this is part of Google’s new projects. The Home is set to connect your house and act as an alternative to Amazon echo which is quite useful and well-implemented.

Google Chromecast

As 4K is making its way to more homes, Chromecast will soon support 4K and it is expected to be named Chromecast Ultra.

Android 7.1 Nougat

We also expect the brand to release its first iterative update to the recently released Android 7.0 Nougat. This update will be minor but it would hopefully fix many of the reported issues with Android 7.0 Nougat.

This is what we are expecting from Google. Do remember this list is prepared from rumors and nothing is set in stone. There might be some extra surprises so stay tuned. To watch the event live follow: Watch Google Pixel Oct 4 Event Live Stream Online

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