How to Enable Extreme Battery Power Saver Mode on HTC Desire 628

The HTC Desire 628 competes directly with other mid-range budget smartphones. It boasts a 720p screen along with a 64 bit processor. All in all, it is a good purchase for people looking for a good smartphone. In the battery department, performance is average. In order to extend the overall timing, HTC has integrated an extreme power saver mode. The mode, essentially, powers down the whole phone to bare minimum. You get a simple selection of apps and access to basic tasks. Functionality is reduced but in situations where you can’t find a charger, this mode is quite helpful. Read our full guide below on how to enable extreme power saving mode.

As mentioned, the mode disables multiple parts and functions of the phone. However, basic functionality like attending calls and SMS are available. This mode will last you multiple times greater than what you would get from using your phone normally. Usually, you should activate it once your phone is at 10%.


How to Enable Extreme Power Saver Mode on HTC Desire 628

Read below to find exact steps on enabling extreme power saver mode.

Step 1 –  Go to the settings app and scroll down until you find the Battery option.

Step 2 – Slide the Extreme Power Saving mode button to “On”


Step 3 – You will be shown an notification message, just click “OK”.



That’s it! You can now enjoy extended battery life when you are in need on your HTC Desire 628.

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