Google to Release New Phones on October 4th 2016

We were already expecting Google to announce new hardware in this quarter of the year, today the brand released a teaser video hinting at the 4th October event. By obvious visuals, we will be greeted by the newest lineup of smartphones at this event. It had been rumored quite few times that Google will be parting ways from the Nexus naming scheme and will be opting for something else. Most have been debating that the new name would be “Pixel”. Whether that is true or not, we will find out on the 4th of October.

Along with smartphone announcements, it is expected Google will also declare a new Chromecast that will support 4K video. Along with that, Daydream — Google’s take on Virtual Reality — will take center stage as well. All in all, this event is quite important to Google and its consumers. Most Android enthusiasts and Nexus users are eagerly waiting to see what this year’s iteration holds so that they can upgrade to it.

As the event comes closer, we will be publishing posts on how you can view the event live or follow it with press live-blogs. After the event, there will be coverage as well. So keep a close eye on our website!

Taimur Akmal
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