Google Confirms Oct 4 Launch Event, Teases “Made by Google”

We know that Google is gearing up to launch its new phones soon. It is also in rumors that the new phones will be branded as Google Pixel as Google dropped Nexus as its brand name.

Google officially confirmed a launch event on October 4. It also made a dedicated website for this event. When you open up the website, it just shows Oct. 4, a phone and a Google logo. The website says “made by Google” in the URL. Google also posted a tweet with a hashtag #madebygoogle.

As you can see in this video, which is also shown on the dedicated website that a long search bar transforms into a phone. The phone in between Oct. 4 and Google logo has multiple pictures. When you click on it, the picture changes. This might be the indication of some wallpaper improvements in the new phone.


The Made by Google sign shows that the new phones will be made by Google itself without the involvement of any other third party company. But we have to wait for the Oct. 4 to know exactly what is going to happen.

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