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How To Create a GIF Image on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung introduced the latest Galaxy Note 7 with multitudes of new features and enhancements, out of all of them, one struck the interest of everyone and that is the feature which lets you create GIF animations from simple videos on the internet or offline. Yes, you heard it right. The new Galaxy Note 7 allows you to capture a video, convert it into a GIF animation — which is compressed hence easily shareable. This might be one of the most easiest ways of creating a GIF animation and with a rise of GIF support, we only see this feature working in the favor of Samsung. To find out how exactly you can create a GIF image on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, be sure to follow the steps below.

The S-Pen in itself has been improved quite a lot. The tip is finer and now you can do more with it — like create a GIF. You can share GIF on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ hence making it quite logical in the first place. Once you create a GIF, you can then share it on these platforms or send them to your friends via Chat Messengers.


How To Create a GIF Image on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Step 1 – Go to the video you want to create a GIF off. Keep in mind, this can be either an offline video or online because essentially, the Note 7 will screen-capture regardless of what you are viewing.

Step 2 – Don’t start the video just yet or if you want to snippet a part in between the video, just pause it few seconds before. Use the Air-Command utility by pressing the S-Pen button and then selecting Smart Select.

Step 3 – From the next menu, click on Animation.


Step 4 – Size/Crop the rectangular box to the size of the video frame.

Step 5 – Start the video and wait until the floating buttons of the video player disappear. Once they are gone, click on Record.

Step 6 – Stop the recording where you like.

Step 7 – Viola! Your GIF animation has been created. As mentioned before, you can share it either on Social Media, through Chat Messages or simply store it.

We hope you found this article helpful and for more related posts, keep an eye over this space! Any questions or queries can be posted in the comments section below.

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