Samsung is Now the Most Used Smartphone Brand in India

Samsung, the smartphone giant is on the first position in market shares across different regions in the world. This is because people love Samsung and it keeps introducing new and interesting phones for different markets.

indian smartphone market share

IDC has reported that Samsung has topped the Indian market share as well. India is a huge market, so taking the first position there is quite a progress.

“With updated versions of J2, J5 and J7 released in Q2 2016, J-series devices continue to drive Samsung’s shipments,”

This is the statement issued by IDC regarding thee position of Samsung in market share. Samsung is at the top position with the market share of 25.1 %. Micromax is second with 12.9% share, which is half of the Samsung. Lenovo and Intex are close 3rd and 4th with 7.7 and 7.1% share respectively. Reliance Jio is 5th with 6.8% and all other devices have the remaining market share.

India is a huge smartphone market which will be even more huge in the future. So manufacturers focusing on Indian market makes complete sense as gaining the market share there means gain in profit.

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