OnePlus 3 Wallpapers – Download Official HD Wallpapers

OnePlus 3 was just announced yesterday and now we have the official wallpapers available in high resolution which can be downloaded from below. OnePlus 3 is yet another feature filled smartphone that comes with top of the line specs but doesn’t break the bank. All in all, we are excited to see the new OnePlus 3 and test it with other phones which are in a much higher price bracket. OnePlus has always kept the wallpaper game very high thanks to its abstract art and colors that fit every occasion. You can use these wallpapers on your smartphone right now. If you are waiting to buy the new OnePlus 3 or are interested in rocking beautiful wallpapers on your phone then do read further. We have provided a direct download link to all of the wallpapers that come preloaded on the new OnePlus 3. These wallpapers are suitable for smartphones with a 1080P screen.

There are only four wallpapers in total. All are art and not photographs hence they really lift up the UI on your phone. Also, the resolution supports shifting when you swipe to different homescreens. You can download all OnePlus 3 wallpapers through our direct download link mentioned below.




Download OnePlus 3 HD Wallpapers:

Get all the OnePlus 3 wallpapers in High-Definition from here: Download OnePlus 3 HD Wallpapers

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