Facebook Messenger Now Supports SMS Messages

Facebook Messenger for Android has got a very useful new feature. It now supports SMS messages, which means that you will be able to read and reply to the SMS messages within the Messenger.

Facebook took this step because of some obvious reasons. You can now use one less app on your phone because when the Messenger is there to handle your SMS messages, you do not need a separate app just for SMS purposes.

Facebook Messenger

The app will work like any other SMS app in your smartphone. You will have to make it your default SMS app to send and receive SMS through it. Facebook conversations and SMS conversations will show separately. SMS will be shown in purple while the Facebook messages will be shown in regular blue color.

To enable the SMS feature in your app, go to settings in your app and tap on SMS in the list, then make it your default SMS app. Now you will start receiving the SMS messages in your Facebook Messenger and you can communicate with your friends more easily.

The feature has started to roll out across the globe and it will take some time to reach all the users. So you may have to wait for some time to enable this feature on your phone.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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