OnePlus 3 to be Announced on June 14th 2016 in Virtual Reality

OnePlus is edging closer to its third flagship device release, fourth if you count the OnePlus X. The brand has just recently announced an official statement about its upcoming OnePlus 3. The release will happen solely on VR similar to OnePlus 2 event. So much so, this time around, you would be able to interact with the VR experience and also possibly place an order. This is all possible thanks to “The Loop” app which is available on the Play Store. The biggest announcement thus far is the banishment of the invite system. Gone are the days, says OnePlus, where people had to fetch for invites in order to buy a smartphone. The sales of OnePlus 3 will start on the same day of the release which is a very cool deal.


The rumors are indicating that OnePlus will try to tick all the boxes with its newest OnePlus 3 smartphone. It will welcome back all the features it said goodbye to in the OnePlus 2. The SD-card slot will be making a return. Also, the body will be made out of aluminium. This means, there wont be a removable back cover which might come as a disappointment to few.

As the event comes closer, we will be posting on how you can watch the event on your device live as well as follow it through other reporting media. Be sure to keep an eye out!

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