Yahoo Aviate Launcher: Android Home Screen Replacement

Aviate Launcher by Yahoo is the most intelligent and sophisticated android launcher for your phones and tablets. If you are tiered of your stock home screen launcher and looking for a fresh and powerful one. Then this may be the best one. Aviate is available for free form Google Play Store for Android Phone and tablet. If you are heavily into android customization and only have android phone because of the free Android OS provides then you will be aware of the how badly this can effect on your phone.

Unlike other launchers, Aviate is light weight and battery optimized. It is not only a launcher but a complete home screen replacement for your phone. It is a complete package with a lot of powerful features and less tinkering. You can easily set it up on your phone and it is so gorgeous may be you will fall in love with. Give it some time and Aviate will automatically adjust everything phone and you can further customize according to your needs. Here are some of the features:

Simple, beautiful navigation — Clutter-free, easy-to-navigate screens make every interaction faster and more efficient.
Smart Stream — An intelligent stream of useful cards to the left of your homescreen: battery saver, upcoming events, sports scores, nearby attractions and so much more!
Organized — Apps get organized by function; you decide which ones you see.
Gorgeous — Choose from hundreds of unique wallpapers to make your phone a fashion statement.
Favorite People — Swipe up instead of digging through your contacts.
Better everyday — Your homescreen will look and feel very different, but stick with the launcher for a few days and Aviate will feel like home in no time.
Search — Convenient search box allows you to quickly search the web, contacts, and your apps – or jump directly to a specific set of cards.
Never Miss a Thing — Log in to see package notifications, bill pay reminders, and more personalized information.

Download Aviate Launcher for Android Phone:

  • Open Play Store and search for “Yahoo Aviate Launcher”.
  • Download and install this free launcher.
  • Now set as default and follow the on screen instruction. In few minutes you will be ready to use it.

Alternatively, you can download it from here.

Do share your thought about the launcher in the comments below.

Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad

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