HOW TO: Use Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 has learnt quite a few new tricks, one of them is the Game Launcher. Samsung has introduced this new central app which caters all of your gaming needs. By gathering all of your games into one and also giving you the ability to modify the resolution and advanced settings to optimal, this app surely will attract all the mobile gamers.

Also, with Game Launcher, you will be able to save battery with games that don’t require all of the power or even all of the pixels. This idea has been around for a while but a singular app developed and integrated into the system which has control over all other games is truly a one-off achievement.


To introduce you to Game Launcher and also make you familiar with all the features it offers, we have written the following guide. The three main compositions of the launcher have been listed below.

Use Samsung Galaxy S7 Game Launcher

Activating Game Launcher

Step 1 – On the Apps screen, tap Settings then tap Advanced features then Games then Game Launcher and tap the switch to activate it.

Notice: When you deactivate the feature, Game Launcher will be removed from the Home screen and the Apps screen.

Step 2 – On the Apps screen, tap Game Launcher.

Step 3 – Tap a game from the games list.

Notice: Games downloaded from Play Store and Galaxy Apps will be automatically shown on the game launcher screen. If you cannot see your games, tap Tap
here to add unlisted games.


Activating game power saving mode

As mentioned previously, to save battery and reduce CPU usage, you can apply power savings to certain apps. How? Follow the given steps.

Step 1 – In Game Launcher, tap Save power during game.

Step 2 – Select the best option that suits you from the given selections.

  • Off: Power saving mode is not used.
  • Save power: Decrease battery power consumption by lowering the resolution and frame rate.
  • Save maximum power: Dramatically decrease the battery power consumption by lowering the resolution and frame rate.

Notice: Battery power efficiency may vary by game.

Using Game Tools


You can set the game tools option as a floating button on all of your games.

Step 1 – Go to Settings → Advanced features → Games → Game Tools and tap the switch to activate it.

Step 2 – While playing a game, tap Game Tools icon to display the game tools.

Step 3 – To move the icon, tap Game Tools icon and drag it to a new location. Similar to the Facebook Messenger chat heads.

You can see a live screenshot of the Game Launcher from within a game:


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