How to Setup Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Gear VR is one of the premium headsets available for an immersive VR experience. This was launched late last year and is only available on sale in selective markets all over the world. Samsung is also giving away a Gear VR for free with every purchase of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. Gear VR provides a much better VR experience than what is offered with Google’s Cardboard VR. It uses the high-quality display screens of its Samsung Galaxy flagships and offers tons of games and other VR content from the Oculus Store.

Initial set up of the device takes a few minutes as long as you have a good Internet connection. You don’t need to search and download yourself anything, in fact, the whole set up and required apps start downloading when you first plug in your phone into the Gear VR hardware.


Setting up Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6

We’ll go through a few initial steps that are required to setup the Oculus and VR experience on your Samsung Galaxy S7 (or the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge).


  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Any of the compatible Samsung Galaxy phone
  • A good Internet connection – about 130MB will have to be downloaded

Step-by-Step Guide:

We recommend reading all the steps below first and then actually performing it on your phone / Gear VR.

Step 1 – Plug in your Samsung Galaxy phone on the Gear VR.

Step 2 – Now pull out the phone. You should have a welcome screen on your phone as shown below.


Step 3 – Next, a small file of around 2MB in size will be downloaded before going further.

Samsung-Gear-VR-S7-Setup-2 Samsung-Gear-VR-S7-Setup-3
Step 4 – Another prompt will list all the apps and tools needed for the perfect working of Gear VR on your phone. All this will be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Samsung-Gear-VR-S7-Setup-4 Samsung-Gear-VR-S7-Setup-5/
And that’s pretty much it!

Once all the apps are downloaded, they will be automatically be installed on your phone. Make sure you have enough space on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Next step will be to set up your Oculus account so you can access the Oculus Store for all the great VR content they have.

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