Android N Developer Preview Beta Released at Google I/O 2016

At the annual I/O 2016 Developer Conference held by Google, the new Developer Preview 3 has been released. After being initially announced months back, this is the third iteration of Developer Preview we have recieved. Google claims this is the one meant for normal users and not just developers. Developer Preview 3 will bring in major fixes and also unlock more of the newly implemented features. It also will contain stable enough code which you can run as a daily driver and expect some degree of reliability. The key features with Android N are surely the new UX features such as Multi-Window which has received good support among developers.


The Developer Preview 3 is now available to be installed on each Nexus device. The support list is long and you can now directly download the firmware from Google. If you are already running one of the previous Developer Previews, the new Developer Preview 3 should arrive as an upgrade straight through OTA (Over-the-air) update system.

For users looking to install the Android N Developer Preview on their Nexus device should use this guide to first download the factory image. Once downloaded, you will be then able to flash it like any other official image from Google. Do keep in mind, your bootloader should be unlocked before you proceed with the installation. You can directly download Android N Developer Preview 3 (NPD35K) from the links given below.



Download Android N NPD35K Developer Preview 3

Here you have the direct download links for all supported devices. As mentioned previously, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) have been dropped so no further software updates for them.

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus 6P: angler-npd35k-factory-81c341d5.tgz

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus 5X: bullhead-npd35k-factory-5ba40535.tgz

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus 6: shamu-npd35k-factory-a33bf20c.tgz

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus 9: volantis-npd35k-factory-2b50e19d.tgz

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus Player: fugu-npd35k-factory-1de74874.tgz

Download Android N NPD35K for Nexus Pixel C: ryu-npd35k-factory-b4eed85d.tgz


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