Instagram is Testing A New Black and White Design to Make Photos More Visible

Instagram is testing a new design which is completely black and white so that the photos appear to be more beautiful. Only a small number of users have received the update as Instagram is testing the update for now with very few people.

Some users are tweeting that they have received an update to the app on both iOS and Android. The new update makes the app completely black and white. Originally, the app is blue and white and the company is trying to make it greyscale. Images will remain in their original colors, of course.

Instagram black and white update

The reason behind this update is simple and beautiful, making the design black and white will make the colored images more visible to everyone. It will simply look beautiful.

It is still unclear if the update will arrive for all users. As this is a test update and only a few users are getting it, so it is possible that the company finishes this project just here and does not release the update for everyone. We have to wait to see if everybody gets te update or not.

Uzair Khalid
Uzair Khalid

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