Watch Galaxy Unpacked 2016 Live Streaming – Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Launch

Today, Samsung will be announcing their new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones at an event in MWC, Barcelona. The stage is all set and consumers are eagerly waiting for the Korean brand to make it’s 2016 Galaxy flagship official. In this post, we will show you how to live video stream the whole event and get the best experience. We already told you that Samsung will indeed 360 degree live stream its event so there are multiple ways to follow the keynote. We will detail each one right below. If you are looking for all the rumors that have populated the internet then do read our previous post, Samsung Galaxy S7: What We Know and What To Expect.

The Galaxy S class of smartphones from Samsung has truly been the pioneer of the Android smartphone industry. Its also the phone which Samsung means to sell alot hence the manageable size and all features jammed into a single product. Hopefully, this year round, Samsung nails it and announces a product which is not only spectacular but practical as well. To see the event and be the judge of quality yourself, you can follow the following links to watch the event live and that too in 360 for the first time.

How to Watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016

As mentioned previously, multiple methods are in place to provide the best experience so follow the steps which suit you and are compatible with your set up.

Watch Galaxy Unpacked 2016 from PC

For PC, Samsung will be holding the live video stream on the following Galaxy Unpacked webpage. You need to visit this webpage when the event starts. From 4 positions in the 360 setup you can choose the best one you like.


Watch Galaxy Unpacked 2016 from Android / iOS

To get the best mobile experience, you can install the Unpacked 360 View app on your Android as well as iOS device. Again, you will have the option to choose from 4 preset camera positions in the 360 view app.

  • Download Unpacked 360 View app from Play Store (Android): Download Now.
  • Download Unpacked 360 View app from App Store (iOS): Download Now.


Watch Galaxy Unpacked 2016 on Samsung Gear VR

360 degree live video stream means you can take out your Gear VR and experience the whole announcement in true Virtual Reality. Now in order to view in Gear VR, you need to install Unpacked 360 View app from the Oculus Store. After installation, you can insert your phone to your Gear VR.


We hope you enjoy this very first 360 degree live video stream from Samsung! The final announcement post with all the details will be published on Team Android just after the event is finished.

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